Deluxe Delivery Systems is a nationally-networked delivery and logistics solutions company. We focus on same-day and next-day, on-demand and pre-scheduled deliveries, warehousing, fulfillment & distribution services.

Some of the many reasons why more companies, both large and small, use DDS as their major courier service are our commitment, quality staffing and training, quick response and prompt deliveries, all backed by our state of the art communication technology and tracking system.

With DDS service centers in close proximity to customer facilities, all pickup and delivery services are performed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our customer service department is available on a 24-hour basis 7 days per week so we are readily available at any time to dispatch job requests to nearby couriers within minutes of a customerís order.

With many facilities located in the Northeast and city centers, Deluxe can confidently service the high volume of customer pickup and delivery requests on a daily basis without incident.