DDS’ level of commitment has allowed
us to become the most customer oriented, fastest growing and competitive courier company in the Northeast United States. The company is large enough to service the major corporations in the United States. We realize that the personalization of each service interaction provides our competitive edge.

Since its establishment in 1985, Deluxe Delivery Systems, Inc. has developed itself into one of the top five courier companies in New York City.

Growing nationally with full coverage in the Northeast, DDS has been fulfilling the courier requirements of some of the most prestigious media/entertainment companies, financial institutions, law firms and other business in the United States and North America.

DDS has been the pacesetter in the courier industry when it comes to mailroom technology, tracking, e-commerce, as well as package and document management. DDS covers all areas from On-Demand and Pre-Scheduled deliveries to Shipping and Receiving, as well as Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution.

Deluxe Delivery Systems (DDS) has developed its new proprietary state-of-the-art receiving software system called DeluxeDirect. The DeluxeDirect Receiving Module automates the entire receiving process. It provides electronic logging of packages, importing of existing mail lists, scanning of all barcodes to provide future tracking, electronic signature capture using hand held devices, as well as detailed reporting.

From our founding back in 1985, DDS has implemented security measures to insure that all packages are safe and secure. Security and confidentiality have been the guiding principle of Deluxe Delivery Systems, Inc.

The Deluxe Delivery team gives its customers the security and comfort of knowing that we deliver on time. Our investment in employee training and development demonstrates our commitment to providing customer satisfaction in the most efficient and economical ways.