We specialize in the following courier services:
Ø Messenger & Motor / Van Services
Ø Warehousing & Storage
Ø Fulfillment & Distribution
Ø E-commerce / Supply Chain
Ø Light Trucking & Small Moving
Ø Post Office / Pouch Runs
Ø Air Courier Service
Ø FedEx and Overnight Services

Messengers and Bikers

All of our Foot Messengers and Bikers are equipped with web-enabled Nextel 2-way radios / cell phones / hand held devices for real time signature capture and tracking. They are able to communicate with their dispatchers anytime for status of jobs or to take pickup and delivery requests.Our messengers and bikers are trained in customer relations and are attired in DDS uniforms with company logo visible on the shirt fronts. For special areas such as mailrooms and time service they follow the customers’ dress code, usually collared shirts and ties. All DDS courier are required to carry adequate baggage to protect customers' packages from loss and inclement weather. These are usually provided by Deluxe Delivery.

Motor / Van Services

The fleet vehicles which DDS utilizes is capable of handling any volume of delivery. These vehicles of varying size and load capacity are equipped with two-way radios/cell-phones, mandatory GPS and other hand held devices, which enable our dispatchers to communicate freely with drivers. This service is provided on a 24-hour continuous basis. DDS’ experienced drivers are cross-trained to work on various routes in diverse geographical areas in order to make your deliveries on time. Our state-of-the-art Tracking System allows us to locate our drivers any time throughout the delivery process and to provide you with real-time Proof of Deliveries. For special deliveries and On Demand Motor Services, all drivers are briefed about the assignment and given complete instructions for delivery. We know that our future depends on our performance.

We are fully bonded and insured.

Warehousing & Storage

Our storage facility is located at 47-09 30th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101. This location offers the added advantage of being the center of DDS’ local fulfillment operations. Retrieval of and additions to storage boxes can be expedited at a moment’s notice. Storage features include:

p Recently renovated and leak-free environment
p Equipped with modern sprinkler systems
p Shrink-wrapping to protect from the elements
p Easy loading dock access
p Electronically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
p Guaranteed immediate pickup and delivery

Light Trucking, Moving And On Demand Trucking Service

Deluxe Delivery Systems, Inc. has a successful track record of handling moving jobs efficiently, safely and cost effectively for its clients. You can count on us to provide internal moving (within the same building) and external moving (different location). We also provide necessary packing materials, moving boxes, tags, labels, bubble wraps, floorboards and moving bins if required. We will protect the walls and floors where and when necessary. Our trained and experienced moving staff will work along with your moving supervisor / manager. We guarantee the best possible service in making your move as painless and stress free as possible. We will ensure an organized relocation and a comfortable working environment.

Post Office / Pouch Runs

DDS provides mail pickup and delivery services to most of our major customers. This service is usually done on a pre-scheduled basis; we will pick-up from the Post Office first thing in the morning and deliver to our clients’ offices by opening time, and vice versa in the evening. We also pick up and deliver to branch offices throughout all the boroughs. We offer same day and next day deliveries and can deliver your mail bins and pouches at a flat monthly rate.DDS is a full service firm with full service offices in the North East. Our customers care about how fast we can deliver mail: inter-office, between buildings, out-of-state, or a run due the next morning. We can set up time schedules and work around your schedule and at your convenience.

Air Courier Service – International & Domestic

Deluxe Delivery Systems, Inc. arranges same day and next day deliveries to all major cities in the United States, North America, Europe, Asia and the Far East. When you take advantage of our courier services, be assured that all your freight and overnight deliveries are in the hands of qualified and professional people intent on providing superior services. You can achieve significant improvements in customer service via precise international delivery schedule while lowering total transportation costs. By using our air courier service you will know exactly when your shipment is scheduled to arrive. Ultimately, this enables you and your company to maintain and improve relationships with your clients. With our state of the art tracking system, your parcels and packages are monitored until they arrive at their destinations, therefore, you can be assured that pick-ups and deliveries will be prompt.

The air courier services we offer include:

. Overnight Package Deliveries – International / Domestic
. 48 Hours International Deliveries
. Guaranteed International Express Air Freight
. Global Immediate Delivery

We also take pride in conforming to the following special features in this service:

. Latest Cut-Off Timing
. Computerized Bar-Coded Tracking System
. On-Board Courier Service
. Worldwide Proof of Delivery System
. Custom Clearance
. Door-To-Door Service

We have an efficient network of affiliates to ensure prompt delivery under complete confidentiality. As usual, we offer the most competitive prices with top quality service to our clients.

FedEx, DHL and Overnight Services

DDS is a company that is constantly looking for ways to reduce your costs, improve services and eliminate stress. In an effort to enhance our service and better serve you, DDS can now have your FedEx and DHL packages shipped at a discounted rate, lower than what you presently pay. By consolidating your DDS courier service with FedEx and/or DHL service you earn tremendous benefits. Here’s how:

p Volume discounts offered – no extra charge for these new
p One single invoice itemizing the various services
p No interruption in your current service
p Same shipping agents, same packaging materials, same labels,
     same tracking
p Access FedEx and DHL shipping labels right from your DDS
     account Menu Bar

DDS’ DeluxeDirect state-of-the-art Shipping & Receiving software system integrates with FedEx and DHL shipping systems. All you’re required to do is mark an ‘X’ to indicate that you are billed by a third party, DDS, and you automatically benefit from our discounts anywhere in the United States.

Overnight Service

DDS currently provides overnight services to major clients such as HIP Health Plan, Disney/ABC and National Benefit Fund. Our overnight service throughout the five boroughs guarantees delivery by 10:00 a.m. the next morning in Manhattan. We also guarantee delivery to the outer boroughs by 3:00 p.m. the next day. We can pick up from your location as late as 10:30 p.m., which allows you to work past the FedEx deadline. The benefits of using this service are:

• Latest cut – off time
• Computerized Bar-Coded tracking system
• System-wide proof of delivery system
• Major cost savings
• Door to door service